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A Gastroenterologist Dedicated to Children, and Young Adults

About Us

Healing with Excellence & Compassion

Why Pediatric GI

Pediatric Gastroenterology is a medical specialty dedicated to the care of children with digestive and nutritional conditions. A Pediatric Gastroenterologist is a physician who takes care of children with GI conditions. This includes conditions of the:

  • Esophagus (food pipe)

  • Stomach

  • Intestines

  • Colon

  • Liver

  • gallbladder

  • Pancreas

  • Nutritional issues

When your child has digestive complaints, you want the very best pediatric gastroenterologist to care for them. We can help you diagnose and treat your child's GI conditions. 

Our Philosophy

At Wake Pediatric Gastroenterology, our goal is to provide compassionate, high-quality, cost-effective, and family-centered care to children.

  • We listen to children! We believe that every child provides us with clues to solve their digestive issues.

  • We understand parents! We want to minimize medication use when possible. Parents are the final decision-makers. And, we want to be your partners in the treatment of your child.  

  • Cost-effective care without going to the hospitals: As the only independent pediatric gastroenterology practice in Wake and surrounding counties, we are very cost-effective, when compared to hospital-based practices. Compare the cost of care here.

Common GI complains

Stomach or abdominal pain

Nausea, Vomiting, Acid Reflux

Constipation and Diarrhea

Eating or Swallowing Difficulty

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Poor Weight Gain or Weight Loss

Bleeding from GI System

Bloating or Gas

Abnormal Investigation or Test Result

Conditions we can treat

Crohn's Disease and Colitis

Acid and Non-Acid Reflux

H. Pylori

Nutritional Conditions

Chronic Constipation

Motility Disorders of GI System

Gall Bladder Conditions

Failure to Thrive: Weight Issues

Gut-Brain, Nervous GI Diseases

Celiac Disease

IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Ulcer Diseases

Infections in the GI System

Polyps and Hemorrhoids

Pancreatic Diseases

Liver Diseases

SIBO: bacterial overgrowth

and, many more ...

Services Offered

We Offer Comprehensive Care

pediatric gastroenterology

Our relationship with a family starts with a clinic visit, in person or Telemedicine (online care for remote patients). It helps us understand their concerns, order tests , and diagnose or treat the condition. 

pediatric gastroenterology

We provide a variety of dietary approaches to treat a condition or support digestive health. We partner with pediatric-trained dieticians who understand their needs.

pediatric gastroenterology

Our endoscopy centers provide a variety of cost-effective GI procedures (such as endoscopy, pH monitoring, motility testing, colonoscopy, and video capsule), outside the hospital setting

Hospital and ER Care
pediatric gastroenterology

In case children need hospitalization, we can admit them to pediatric hospitals or ER. Dr. Kunde has hospital privileges at:

  • WakeMed Hospitals

  • UNC-Rex Hospital

Cost of care

Cost of Care Compared to the Hospitals
(Data based on a local hospital's Cost Comparison Tool, 2023)

About Dr. Kunde

A message from Dr. K

"Dear Parents,

Thank you for visiting Wake Pediatric GI.

I am a board-certified pediatric gastroenterologist and have been taking care of children with digestive issues since 2008. Although academic medicine and research were exciting, I soon realized that patient care is where my passion lies and helping children and their families provides me with the greatest satisfaction. During these years of clinical experience, I understood that

  • Pediatric gastroenterologists are high in demand but their availability is mainly limited to hospitals

  • There is a high healthcare cost associated with hospitals, investigations, medications, and GI procedures

  • And most GI conditions can be managed in an outpatient office setting without going to hospitals

Therefore, in 2018, I decided to start 'Wake Pediatric GI' to provide exceptional, affordable, and convenient GI care to children. My goal is to be a dedicated adviser for the digestive health of children – so you can make the best decisions for your child."

Dr. Sachin Kunde, MD, MPH 

Pediatric Gastroenterologist

American Board of Pediatrics Certified

Dr. Kunde. Pediatric Gastroenterologist
pediatric gastroenterology

Jessica Causey

Office Manager

pediatric gastroenterology


pediatric gastroenterology


pediatric gastroenterology


pediatric gastroenterology






Endoscopy Center Locations

Wake Endoscopy Center

2601 Lake Dr, #201, Raleigh, NC 27607

WakeMed Hospital

3024 New Bern Ave, #101, Raleigh, NC 27610

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